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Voisin Creme De Menthe

Страна: Франция

Год: 1916

Voisin - 8/10 (LAP/LAR) - 1916 - Франция<– –>Voisin - 12/13 - 1918 - Франция

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The Creme De Menthe

   Another project of Gabriel Voisin appeared in 1916-an armored biplane with a tractor Hispano-Suiza engine called Creme de Menthe. It had a tricycle landing gear and a lower wing with pronounced dihedral. The fuselage filled the space between the two wings. The crew of two sat in open positions on the top of the upper wing. A camera with a long focal length was installed below the engine block. The system of securing the wings was unusual, consisting of a pair of V-struts steeply canted inward toward the fuselage and reinforced by two additional struts inclined in the opposite direction. This gave the impression of an open W. The tail followed the classic Voisin layout with a rudder and square elevatur. The Creme de Menthe also remained a prototype.

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