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Gotha Buchner Seaplane

Страна: Германия

Год: 1913

Gotha - Buchner Biplane - 1913 - Германия<– –>Gotha - Taube / LE - 1913 - Германия

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In 1913 the Gothaer Waggonfabrik AG started an Abteilung Flugzeugbau, Gotha. The first constructors were Diplom-Ingenieur Karl Grulich, Bruno Buchner and Bartl.
  Bruno Buchner designed a Schuldoppeldecker (Training biplane).
  He also designed a Wasserflugzeug [Seaplane]. This extraordinary and large 6-bay (!) machine was powered by a 120 hp Daimler D II engine. The machine participated in the Bodensee-Wasserflug-Wettbewerb in 1913.
  The Konstanz Bodensee-Wasserflug 1913 was held from 29 June till 5 July 1913. For the competition 17 different aircraft were entered, but not all of them appeared. One of the machines that appeared was the Gotha Wasserflugzeug, which was piloted by its designer Bruno Buchner. The engine is here quoted as a 100 hp Mercedes 6-cylinder engine with steel cylinders (Stahlzylindern). The propeller was a Chauviere.
  Span was 20 meter and length of the fuselage 10 meter. All up weight was only 750 kg.
  The Gotha Buchner machine had an amphibian construction, which is explained in the drawing.
  The Gotha Buchner did not win any prizes in Konstanz. First price went to Hellmuth Hirth who was flying an Albatros Monoplane seaplane (this machine was a design of the brilliant young designer Ernst Heinkel).

Форум - Breguet's Aircraft Challenge /WWW/
Форум - Breguet's Aircraft Challenge /WWW/
Форум - Breguet's Aircraft Challenge /WWW/