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Thulin H

Страна: Швеция

Год: 1917

Thulin - G/GA - 1917 - Швеция<– –>Thulin - N/NA - 1917 - Швеция

J.Forsgren Swedish Military Aircraft 1911-1926 (A Centennial Perspective on Great War Airplanes 68)

Thulin H

  With AFK requesting a larger combat airplane for bombing and long range reconnaissance, a requirement for a ’’Cruiser-Type Airplane” was issued in March 1916. The airplane was to have a crew of two or three, forward and rearward armament, and armour protection. AETA responded on April 16, 1916, with a tender for the three-engine Thulin H and the twin-engine Thulin I (which remained an unbuilt project). Thulin himself recommended the former due to its three engines providing better performance.
  On September 7, 1916, an order was placed for a single prototype. The Department of Fortifications hoped to order a total of eight Thulin H’s. In the event, the requested funds were denied. In August 1917, the Thulin H had been completed, with the first two flights taking place on August 26. Powered by three 90 h.p. Thulin A rotary engines, the Thulin H was the first multi-engine airplane designed and built in Sweden. Twin floats were fitted for the sea trials, but it was found that these were too small. Protracted tests resulted in a wheel landing gear being fitted in February 1918. The contract was then cancelled, due to the delivery schedule lagging behind.
  The Thulin H was then modified as an airliner, having room for four passengers. It was statically displayed in Oslo (then named Kristiania) in April 1922. The airplane was eventually scrapped following the liquidation of AETA, with some parts surviving until October 1922.

Thulin H Technical Data and Performance Characteristics
   Engine: 3 x 90 h.p. Thulin A
   Length: 9,90 m
   Wingspan: 19,40 m
   Height: 3,40 m
   Wing area: 60,00 m2
   Empty weight: 1,770 kg
   Maximum weight: 2,100 kg
   Maximum speed: 125 km/h
   Armament: -

J.Forsgren - Swedish Military Aircraft 1911-1926 /Centennial Perspective/ (68)
Intended as a long-range 'Cruiser', the Thulin H was cancelled before delivery. Note the national insignia on the fin and wings. Via Swedish Aviation Historical Society
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Журнал - Flight за 1918 г.
FROM THE CHRISTIANIA AERO SHOW. - The stand of Eloch Thulins Aeroplane Works. On the left is the Bleriot monoplaile on which Lieut. Tryggve Gran crossed the North Sea; hanging from the roof is a sporting monoplane; in the background is seen a biplane single-seater fighter; and in the centre a three-engined seaplane, all built at the Thulin works at Landscrona, Sweden.
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