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Albatros seaplane

Страна: Германия

Год: 1913

Albatros - racing biplane - 1913 - Германия<– –>Albatros - L 3 / L 9 - 1914 - Германия

Журнал Flight

Flight, October 9, 1914.


7. The Albatros Tractor Seaplane
  is practically identical with the land machines, with the exception of course that floats are fitted. These, which are of the non-stepped type, are sprung from the chassis struts by rubber shock absorbers which are enclosed in streamlined casings, partly to reduce head resistance and partly in order to protect them against the effect of salt water. The body, which is of rectangular section, is covered with three-ply wood in the same manner as the land machines flown by Thelen at Hendon some time ago. The seats are arranged in tandem, the pilot sitting at the rear, from where he obtains a good view in a downward direction further enhanced by leaving the inner portion of the trailing edge of the lower plane uncovered. In front of him, and protected by a mica wind-screen, is the passenger, situated immediately behind the 160 h.p. Mercedes engine, which is mounted in the nose of the body. Long exhaust pipes carry the exhaust gases away over the side of the body. The weight of the tail planes is taken when the machine is at rest by a peculiarly shaped float mounted underneath the rear portion of the body. The wheels shown in the illustration do not form part of the chassis, but are part of a transport trolley attached to the floats by strong steel straps.

A.Imrie - German Naval Air Service /Arms & Armour/
Albatros GmbH of Johannisthal were awarded a five-aircraft order, their Avro version being powered by either the 100hp Argus or Mercedes six-cylinder water-cooled engine. Three machines were to be fitted with wireless receiving equipment, and the weight of this plus the necessary 6 metres high aerial mast seen here, had to be carried during the acceptance trials. The contract stipulated that the machine's performance had to equal that of the Avro and that the two aircraft without wireless equipment were to be fitted with dual flying controls.
A.Imrie - German Naval Air Service /Arms & Armour/
Albatros seaplane on the Muggelsee near Berlin. Training new pilots to fly seaplanes was undertaken at Putzig Naval Air Station in West Prussia from October 1914, but eventually the bulk of initial water flying was done in special training sections of the operational air stations, since it was found that it was easier for pupils to appreciate the practical requirements of front-line seaplane handling and thus convert more readily to the operational types of seaplane in a front-line air station environment.
Журнал - Flight за 1914 г.
7. The New Albatros Tractor seaplane.
K.Delve - World War One in the Air /Crowood/
Albatros Type В at Wilhelmshafen in service with II. Seeflieger Abteilung, probably 1915. The German seaplanes were aggressively operated over the North Sea and carried out a wide range of roles, frequently in conjunction with either submarine or surface vessel operations.