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Ricci R.1

Страна: Италия

Год: 1919

Pomilio - Gamma - 1918 - Италия<– –>SAML - A.1/A.2/A.3 - 1915 - Италия

Форум Breguet's Aircraft Challenge

This is the Italian Ricci R 1 Twin-hull flying boat. This machine appeared in 1919/1920 and was a three engined (two-pusher, one tractor) mix form of seaplane and flying boat. The driving part was done by two long one-step hulls or floats (how you name it classifies it). The crew was placed in a nacelle hanging between the wings, where in the front an engine drove the tractor propeller. The two pushers were fitted in nacelles between the wings. Engines were Isotta-Fraschini P 6 rated at 200 hp. Makes a total of 600 hp, probably too few for such a large machine.
  The Ricci brothers built besides this large plane two lilliput triplane machines for pleasure the R 6 and R 9. Other machines were probably projects.

Форум - Breguet's Aircraft Challenge /WWW/
Форум - Breguet's Aircraft Challenge /WWW/