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Heinrich D

Страна: США

Год: 1913

Harley-Stromer - Oregon Maid - 1916 - США<– –>Heinrich - 15 - 1915 - США

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The Heinrich Model D (50 hp tractor monoplane), designed by the Heinrich brothers and built in their Heinrich Aeroplane Co. in Baldwin, Long Island, NY.
   The younger brother Albert S. Heinrich piloted this machine at the Independence Day, July 4th 1914 in an aerial competition between landplanes and flying boats. (3 landplanes, 1 floatplane and 4 flying boats)
   The race was an all-over water course, started in the New York Bay "from an imaginary line between Governors Island and the Statue of Liberty" going up the Hudson River to a return pylon in the area of Spuyten Duyvil, Bronx that was fixed on a river barge and then back to the start line. For safety reasons all landplanes had additional pontons fixed in their bodies, to keep them afloat in emergency. The starting gun was to be fired at 3 p.m. sharp.
   This picture probably was taken in the Liberty State Park, what could have been the best starting place for the landplanes.
   The Heinrich monoplane was the second to finish and earned $ 500. The story in the NY Times of July 5th is a fine one, only the Schmidt and Heinrich monoplanes were able to fly!
   Albert Sigeman came again in the news on October 13, 1914 when he threw bombs at a "battleship".
   On November 22, 1914 the Model D monoplane was saved from a hangar fire at Garden City Field Long Island. The machine was quoted worth $ 18,000.

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