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Voisin Triplane

Страна: Франция

Год: 1915

Voisin - M - 1915 - Франция<– –>Voisin - 8/10 (LAP/LAR) - 1916 - Франция

Журнал Flight

Flight, November 20, 1919.


   THE acconipanying illustrations show an interesting French experimental bombing triplane constructed by the Voisin Co. The first model, which is shown in the sketch, was produced during the latter part of 1915, and was fitted with four engines of 150 h.p. each. As this first machine did not come up to expectations on its trials, another machine was constructed in 1916, similar in general design, but embodying many modifications.
   This machine is shown in our other illustrations, from which it will be seen that it possesses many distinctive characteristics. The most notable feature consists of the two fuselages, which, unlike those of other twin fuselage machines, such as the Caproni, are arranged one above the other, and not side by side. In both models the lower fuselage forms the main body, the upper fuselage being of much lighter construction and serving as an outrigger for the tail. There is also a cockpit in the fore part of the upper fuselage, where a gunner is stationed, from which position a very good range of fire is obtained. In conjunction with the gunner in the nose of the lower fuselage, and the rear gunner, who fires through an opening in the underside of this fuselage, the machine is well protected against attack.
   The four Hispano-Suiza engines (220 h.p. each) are mounted in pairs in tandem, just below the middle plane in the 1916 model, on tubular V frames, extending from top to bottom planes. The engine mounting is additionally braced by diagonal struts from both upper and lower fuselages.
   The overall span of the 1916 model is 118 ft., and the chord is 6 ft. 6 ins. The total surface is 2,150 sq. ft., and the loading is 7.1 lbs. per sq. ft. or 18 lbs. per h.p. The weight of the machine empty is 11,000 lbs., and the useful load is 4,400 lbs., of which half is accounted for by fuel, oil and crew. The speed at 6,500 ft. is 79 m.p.h., and the climb is 27 mins. for the 6,500 ft. The theoretical ceiling of this machine is 11,500 ft.

Журнал - Flight за 1919 г.
Side View of the 1916 Voisin Bombing Triplane
Журнал - Flight за 1919 г.
Close-up view of the four Hispano-Suiza engines on the 1916 Voisin bombing triplane.
Журнал - Flight за 1919 г.
Sketch showing the first, 1915, model of the Voisin bombing triplane.
Журнал - Flight за 1919 г.
THE VOISIN BOMBING TRIPLANE: Plan, side and front elevations to scale, of the modified type constructed in 1916