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Farman-Nelis GN-2

Страна: Бельгия

Год: 1916

D'Hespel - monoplane - 1909 - Бельгия<– –>Goffaux - monoplane - 1910 - Бельгия

Форум Breguet's Aircraft Challenge

This is the 130 hp Gnome et Rhone powered Farman-Nelis GN2 as used by the Belgian crew Jacquet and Rolin. This machine was the second of six aircraft constructed for the Aviation Militaire Belge by Georges Nelis (hence the name) in accordance to instructions of some pilots, Fernand Jacquet being one of them. To improve the overall performance the water-cooled Renault 8c of 130hp was replaced by the much lighter 130 hp Gnome et Rhone and the undercarriage was also replaced by a lighter version. The gondola was improved and made much more streamlined.

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