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Aiglon Aiglon-Roulier flying-boat

Страна: Франция

Год: 1917

Ader - Avion III - 1897 - Франция<– –>Albessard - tandem monoplane - 1912 - Франция

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According to Lucien Morareau, the plane was designed in 1916 by EV1 Jean Roulier. Roulier was a flying boat pilot of the french Aviation maritime. He was shot down and killed the 15 august 1916 off Trieste (Adriatic sea).
   End 1916, the french company Aiglon, based at Amphion proposed a prototype of a fighter flying boat. December 1916 the Aviation Maritime ordered one plane. It did it's first flight in february 1917 at Amphion but crashed. A second plane was built and flew the 27 may 1917 (pilot EV1 Georges Guierre). After this successfull flight, the sea plane was sent to Frejus Saint-Raphael to be tested by the CEPA. After 4 flights, the Aiglon-Roulier disappeares from the official register.

   Wing span : 9,00 m
   Lenght : 6,80 m
   Wings area : 21,42 m2
   Weight empty aircraft : 400 kg
   Engine : 130 hp Clerget 9B rotatif
   Armament : 7,7mm Vickers fixed machine gun.
   Crew : 1

Форум - Breguet's Aircraft Challenge /WWW/
The picture was taken at Amphion (Leman lake) in may 1917 after the first flight of the second plane, pilot EV1 Georges Guierre.
Форум - Breguet's Aircraft Challenge /WWW/