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Itoh, Gorham Emi 5

Страна: Япония

Год: 1918

Single-engine two-bay biplane

Itoh - Tsurubane No.2 - 1919 - Япония<– –>Izaki - No.2 Sempu-go - 1915 - Япония

R.Mikesh, A.Shorzoe Japanese Aircraft, 1910-1941 (Putnam)

Itoh Emi 5 Aeroplane

   An internationally known showman, Yumito Kushibiki, the man who had invited Art Smith and Katherine Stinson to give flying displays throughout Japan, had been looking for an opportunity to manufacture aero engines, when his friend, William Gorham, suggested that he manufacture airframes as well as aero engines in Japan. The two agreed to a partnership. At the start, in 1918, an American aviator, E. H. Patterson, arrived in Japan bringing a second-hand Gorham 125hp biplane and a new 150hp Gorham engine. The aeroplane closely resembled a Curtiss Jenny and may have been one. It was powered by a 125hp Gorham engine, and was therefore called by the Japanese the Gorham Biplane.
   Patterson announced a plan to begin air mail services between Tokyo and Osaka, but this was met by strong opposition in Japan. Discouraged, he returned to the United States, leaving the aeroplane and engine in the hands of Kushibiki after a final exhibition at Tokorozawa in August 1918.
   The aeroplane was later purchased by Itoh, and with minor modifications it now became the Itoh Emi 5 Aeroplane. ConsequentIy, the Emi 5 was not an aeroplane designed or built by Itoh but was useful to him in later aeroplane designs.
   On 23 October, 1919, the aeroplane participated in the First Tokyo Osaka Airmail Flying Contest, piloted by Toyotaro Yamagata, but did not win a place in the competition. In 1920, the aeroplane was entered in the First Prize-winning Flight Competition, this time piloted by Taiwanese Wen-Ta Shie. It won third-place in the altitude (1,400m) and speed (120 km/h) categories.

   Single-engine two-bay biplane. Wooden structure with fabric covering. Pilot and passenger in open cockpits.
   125hp Gorham six-cylinder watercooled inline engine, driving a two-bladed wooden propeller.
   Maximum speed 65kt (75mph); service ceiling 1,400m (4,593ft).
   One modified in 1918.
   Dimensions and weights not known.

R.Mikesh, A.Shorzoe - Japanese Aircraft, 1910-1941 /Putnam/
Itoh Emi 5 Aeroplane