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Batson Flying House

Страна: Великобритания

Год: 1913

Batchelor - monoplane - 1910 - Великобритания<– –>Beardmore - W.B.I - 1916 - Великобритания

P.Lewis British Aircraft 1809-1914 (Putnam)

Batson Monoplane

   The Batson Monoplane was designed by Captain Arlington Batson at Maidstone and completed in September, 1910.

Batson Flying House

   The Flying House was constructed during 1913 by Captain Arlington Batson for a proposed transatlantic flight. Twelve wings were fitted, and the fuselage contained a sitting-room and bedrooms for the crew.

P.Lewis - British Aircraft 1809-1914 /Putnam/