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Jobling monoplane

Страна: Великобритания

Год: 1910

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Jobling Monoplane

   The Jobling Monoplane was designed by Charles Jobling and built during 1910. It was of the single-seat pusher type and was without elevators, tail-plane or rudder, control being by the flexible, curved, rearward-extending tips of the parallel-chord wings. The engine was a 45 h.p. de Havilland-designed Iris. The machine was at Eastchurch in September, 1910, and crashed the following month on 19th October. Span 60 ft.

Журнал Flight

Flight, October 1, 1910.


Royal Aero Club Ground, Eastchurch.

   Early on Friday morning we had the first glimpse of the latest arrival here. This is a machine of somewhat peculiar appearance, built to the design of Mr. Jobling. It consists of one huge plane, at each end of which is a rear extension tapering off to a point. These extensions are pliable, and the direction of flight is controlled by wires connected to the extreme points and operated from the pilot's seat, located centrally beneath the plane. The total absence of elevators, tail or rudder give to this machine an unusual appearance, and its behaviour will be watched with interest. On the present occasion the machine was only run over the ground a short distance, so it is impossible yet to give any idea of her behaviour when in flight. The impression left by such a brief inspection was that it would be exceedingly unstable, owing, no doubt, to the flimsy appearance of the wing extensions before mentioned. The accompanying rough birdseye outline view will give some idea of the form this machine takes, but we hope to give a more detailed description after it has passed through the preliminary stages.

Flight, November 5, 1910.


Royal Aero Club Eastchurch Grounds.

   ON October 19th Mr. Charles Jobling took out his monoplane for a trial flight at Eastchurch. After a short ran the machine rose easily to a height of over 30 ft. Owing, however, to an inside wire strainer having been broken before the start, the wing gave way after a flight of about 130 yards, and the plane dived to the ground, Mr. Jobling fortunately sustaining no injury. The monoplane, a diagram of which appeared in our issue of October 1st, is controlled entirely by ailerons of unusual length; it has no tail, and the propeller is behind. It has been built throughout of English materials to Mr. Jobling's design, and was driven by a 35-h.p. British de Havilland engine.

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