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Knoller 70.01

Страна: Австро-Венгрия

Год: 1917


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W.Green, G.Swanborough The Complete Book of Fighters

KNOLLER 70.01 Austria-Hungary

  The K.u.k.Fliegerarsenal Fischamend began construction during 1917 of two single-seat fighter prototypes, the 70.01 and 70.02, to the designs of Prof Richard Knoller. A single-bay unstaggered biplane of wooden construction powered by a 230 hp Hiero water-cooled six-cylinder inline engine, the Knoller fighter featured a flexible wing section intended to reduce drag by flattening with increased speed. Intended armament comprised two synchronised 8-mm Schwarzlose machine guns. Initially fitted with wing warping, the 70.01 flew for the first time on 23 November 1917, but suffered damage during a ground manoeuvre within a few days. During repairs at the Fliegerarsenal, the prototype was fitted with ailerons on the upper wing. From March until 20 June 1918, when it was damaged in a landing accident, it underwent official testing at Aspern. Having higher priority activities, the Fliegerarsenal transferred the tasks of repairing the 70.01 and completing the 70.02 to the Flugzeug Reparatur und Bau Anstalt (Fruba) in Vienna. The 70.01 was subjected to load testing in August 1918, and the 70.02, completed in September, was intended to continue the flight test programme, which, if successful, was to have resulted in an order (to be fulfilled by Fruba) for 10 pre-series aircraft. The end of hostilities was accompanied by discontinuation of the fighter development programme.

Max speed (estimated), 149 mph (240 km/h).
Span, 26 ft 3 in (8,00 m).
Length, 20 ft 10 in (6,35 m).
Height, 9 ft 4 1/5 in (2,85 m).

W.Green, G.Swanborough - The Complete Book of Fighters
The Knoller 70.01 as originally flown in November 1917 with wing warping control.
W.Green, G.Swanborough - The Complete Book of Fighters