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Caproni Ca.14 - Ca.16 (Cm.9 - Cm.12)

Страна: Италия

Год: 1912

Caproni - Ca.8 - Ca.13 (Cm.1 - Cm.7) - 1911 - Италия<– –>Caproni - Ca.17 - Ca.18 - 1913 - Италия

R.Abate,G.Alegi,G.Apostolo Aeroplani Caproni: Gianni Caproni and His Aircraft, 1910-1983

The encounter with Carlo Comitti, a wealthy aviation enthusiast, led on November 22, 1911 to the forming of a new company called Caproni & C., with fresh capital and intending to pursue a double line of business in the production of aircraft and pilots. The year 1912 was full of successes and satisfaction for Caproni’s monoplanes, with many well publicised flights, an intense and positive training business and a growing production department.
   During the Vienna aviation week in June 1912 Caproni met ingegner Luigi Faccanoni, a well known businessman who had supervised important projects including the Vienna acqueduct. Faccanoni, struck by the qualities of the Caproni monoplanes, considered the possibility of an agreement which came about, after some negotiations, upon his definitive return to Italy. Under the terms of a September 13, 1912 contract the company became Societa Ingegneri Caproni e Faccanoni. But it too did not last long. The school was wound up and liquidated, while the workshops were bought up by the Government, which retained Gianni Caproni’s services as technical director.

Jane's All The World Aircraft 1913

CAPRONI. Soc. di Aviazione Ingg, Caproni e Faccanoni, Vizzola Ticino. School: Vizzola Ticino.

Models 1912-13 Single Seat Single Seat 2-seater 3-seater
   mono. A. mono. B. mono. mono.

Length.....feet(m.) 26? (8) 26-1/2 (8) ... ...
Span.......feet(m.) 29 (8.80) 29 (8.80) ... ...
Area...sq. ft.(m?.) 162 (15) 162 (15) 172 (16) 226 (21)
   total...lbs.(kgs.) 485 (220) 660 (300) 750 (340) 760 (345) useful...lbs.(kgs.) ... ... ... ...
Motor..........h.p. 35 Anzani 50 Gnome 60 Anzani 80 Gnome
   max...m.p.h.(km.) 56 (90) 75 (120) 75 (120) 87 (140)
   min...m.p.h.(km.) ... ... ... ...
Endurance......hrs. 3? ... ... 4
Number built
   during 1912. ... ... ... ...

Remarks.--At the end of 1912, held Italian record for speed, 200-300 k.m. Flown by Cobioni.

CAPRONI-BRISTOL. Caproni also builds under Bristol licence.

R.Abate, G.Alegi, G.Apostolo - Aeroplani Caproni: Gianni Caproni and His Aircraft, 1910-1983
The Ca.14, previously known as Cm 9, was a two seater derived from the Ca.13, with slightly increased dimensions and, for the first time, the seven cylinder 80 hp Gnome Lambda rotary engine. Unlike the Ca.13, where the tandem cockpits had been located very close to each other, the Ca.14 cockpits were somewhat removed. The Ca.14 was designed with an eye to potential military applications but was built to a SIA order requiring, among other things, that the airplane be statically tested by loading the overturned machine with sandbags for a total weight of 2100 kgs, or four times its empty weight.
R.Abate, G.Alegi, G.Apostolo - Aeroplani Caproni: Gianni Caproni and His Aircraft, 1910-1983
January 1913 saw a young Russian aviator, Hariton Slavorossov, arrive at Vizzola Ticino from nearby Switzerland. The visit was motivated by Slavorossov's desire to purchase a Caproni propeller for installation in his Bleriot, but Gianni Caproni perceived the Russian’s skill and hired him as test pilot. The perception was proved correct on January 24, 1913 when Slavorossov masterfully tested a 50 hp single seater and two 80 hp two seaters for the Italian Army’s Battaglione Aviatori. The latter were of the new Ca.16 type, or Cm 12, with dual controls: the pilot could disengage the passenger’s set at will. The seats were arranged as on the previous Ca.14. On the same day Slavorossov claimed world speed records for passenger- carrying machines on a 5 km closed circuit, covering 200 km in lh 36min 30sec and 250 km in two hours.
R.Abate, G.Alegi, G.Apostolo - Aeroplani Caproni: Gianni Caproni and His Aircraft, 1910-1983
R.Abate, G.Alegi, G.Apostolo - Aeroplani Caproni: Gianni Caproni and His Aircraft, 1910-1983
On February 23, 1913 the daily sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport circulated the idea of linking Milan to Rome by air, first proposed by the aristocratic Luigi Origoni, vice president of the Societa Italiana di Aviazione, and cavalier Arturo Mercanti, secretary general of the Touring Club Italiano and correspondent of the Gazzetta. Caproni seized the opportunity and combined it with the delivery flight of the “Milano II” on behalf of SIA. Again flown by Slavorossov, the Ca.16 completed the raid despite a number of incidents arising in part from the adverse meteorological conditions.