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Aeromarine 40 / 50

Страна: США

Год: 1919

Aeromarine - 700 - 1918 - США<– –>Aeromarine - Aeromarine 75 - 1919 - США

G.Swanborough, P.Bowers United States Navy Aircraft Since 1911 (Putnam)


In 1918 the Navy ordered 200 Aeromarine Model 40F flying-boats to supplement the ageing Curtiss Fs and the improved MFs then on order. The Aeromarines, powered with 100 hp Curtiss OXX-6 engines, were conventional two-seat training flying-boats of the period, with the pilot and student seated side by side in a single open cockpit in the wooden hull. The Armistice caused cancellation of the majority of the order, and only the first 50 (A5040-A5089) were delivered. Since most deliveries did not take place until after the Armistice, the 40Fs saw little service in the training schools. Span, 48 ft 6 in; length, 28 ft 11 in; gross weight, 2,592 lb; max speed, 180 mph.

Jane's All The World Aircraft 1919

Type of machine Flying Boat.
Name or type No. of machine Model 40-T.
Span, upper wing 48 ft. 4 In.
Span, lower wing 37 ft. 4 in.
Stagger 8in.
Chord 75in.
Gap 78 in.
Dihedral 2 degrees.
Area, upper panel
   (with ailerons) 804 sq, ft.
Area, lower panel 200 sq. ft.
Ailerons, each 29 sq. ft.
Elevators, each 12.8 sq. ft.
Stabilizer 39.5 sq.ft.
Vertical stabilizer fin 15 sq. ft.
Rudder 17.5 sq. ft.
Skid fin 5.5 sq. ft.
Length overall 28 ft. 11 In.
Weight, light 1,925lbs.
Weight, loaded 2,485 lbs.
Gasoline 35 gallons.
   Seating Arrangement. Model 40-T is arranged for one operator and one passenger, and is an ideal machine for instruction or sporting purposes.
Aeromarine 125-130 h.p. motor :
High speed 80 m.p.h.
Landing speed 38 m.p.h.
Climb 2,500 feet in 10 minutes.
100 h.p. motor:
High speed 70 m.p.h.
Landing speed 38 m.p.h.
Climb 2.100 feet in 10 minutes.
   Hull. The hulls of these boats are constructed in the most modern and durable fashion.
   The bottoms are constructed of two-ply, placed diagonally with cloth between and fastened with brass fastenings.
   The sides and decks are of three-ply waterproof veneer.
   The decks forward of the cockpit and after the rear beam may be removed, as well as the floors in the passenger compartment, and as it is possible to enter the hull between the wing beams through the hutch, the entire bottom and inside of the boat may be inspected and repaired more easily.
   50 of these machines have been delivered to the U.S. Navy. Price: $9,000.
Specifications of Model 50 Flying Boat.
   The Aeromarine Plane and Motor Company's Model 50 is of the same general dimensions as that of Model 40-T.
   The seating arrangement, however, is for three persons - two passengers side by side and a pilot sitting in a separate cockpit forward of the passengers.
   This model will be supplied either with the passenger space enclosed or open, with movable windshield to protect the passengers.
   Price: $9.500.

G.Swanborough, P.Bowers - United States Navy Aircraft since 1911 /Putnam/
An Aeromarine 40.
Jane's All The World Aircraft 1919 /Jane's/
The Aeromarine Sport Seaplane (Curtiss 100 h.p. O.X.5 engine)