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Bleriot Bleriot-XII

Страна: Франция

Год: 1909

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L.Opdyke French Aeroplanes Before the Great War (Schiffer)

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Журнал Flight

Flight, May 15, 1909.

"Bleriot XII."

   IN a fortnight, at the latest, M. Bleriot hopes to be able to take the air on his new monoplane "No. XII." This is a good deal larger than its immediate predecessor "No. XI," for it has a lifting surface of 22 sq. metres, while the length is 8.5 metres, and the spread of the wings 9.5 metres. The propeller will be 2.5 metres in diameter, and will be driven at 700 r.p.m. by a chain from a 35-h.p. water - cooled E.N.V. engine. The machine will weigh 80 kilogs. "light." At the rear end of the machine, in addition to a fixed horizontal plane, there will be a movable horizontal plane and the vertical rudder.

Flight, May 29, 1909.

M. Bleriot on his New Monoplane.

   M. BLERIOT has now completed his new monoplane No. 12, which, although slightly larger than his No. 11, is very similar to it. It is fitted with a 35-h.p. E.N.V. motor. M. Bleriot had the machine out at Issy on the 21st inst, but unfortunately he-was unable to attempt a flight with it, as it was found that the left wing was slightly heavier than the right one, and so threw the machine out of balance. This defect will, however, be very quickly set right.

Flight, June 19, 1909

Three Men in an Aeroplane.

   M. BLERIOT has once again placed a milestone on the rapidly growing road of aeronautical progress by being the first to achieve free flight on a heavier-than-air flying machine with two passengers beside himself on board. The two who made the trip with M. Bleriot on his monoplane "No. XII," were M. Santos Dumont and M. A. Fournier, the total weight which the 22 square metres were called upon to sustain being in the neighbourhood of 565 kilogs. The flight, which was made at Issy on Saturday afternoon last, was not a very lengthy one, only extending to about 300 metres in a straight line, and it was followed by another of similar duration. A little later M. Bleriot carried his mecanicien for a couple of turns round the Issy Parade Ground, a distance of about 6 kiloms., and just before darkness compelled the suspension of flying for the day he made two flights unaccompanied of 4 mins. 36 sec., during which 5 kiloms. were traversed, and 4 mins. 4 secs. The flights were witnessed by Madame Bleriot and several prominent French aviators, including MM. Paul Zens, Goupy, Witzig, Blanchet and Stceckel.
   On the previous day M. Bleriot made several short flights, including one of about 2 kiloms. which was brought to a conclusion by a double turning in the form of the figure "8," which evoked loud applause from the spectators. During the afternoon M. Bleriot took up M. Guyot, the winner of last year's Voiturette Grand Prix, who turns the scale at 87 kilogs. and flew with him for about one and a half kiloms., at a height of seven metres.
   On Tuesday, M. Bleriot was making some short flights with M. A. Fournier, when he landed very suddenly at the end of the last one and it was found afterwards that the crankshaft of the motor had fractured.

Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.
Latest Bleriot Monoplane, which is fitted with a 35-h.p. 8-cyl. E.N.V. Motor. - This new flyer differs, it will be noted, in several respects from previous designs, especially in the tail.
Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.
View of the new Bleriot Monoplane, showing the disposition of aviator, motor, &c, and the curvature and struts of the main frame.
Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.
COMING OF THE MONOPLANE. - M. Bleriot, on his No. 12 machine, flying 6 kiloms. at Issy on June 12th, with a passenger on board.
Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.
ANOTHER METHOD OF BRINGING A FLYER TO THE STARTING POINT. - M. Bleriot's No. XII passenger-carrying monoplane is the machine in the photograph.
L.Opdyke - French Aeroplanes Before the Great War /Schiffer/
A later modification of the Type XII. This photo shows Bleriot himself on board flying before the members of the Senate.
Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.
AT PAU. - On the left, arrival of Mr. Claude Grahame White's two-seated, type XII, Bleriot monoplane, fitted with a 60-80-h.p. E.N.V. engine, at Pau Aerodrome on November 24th last. On the right, starting for a trial run on November 28th, on Mr. Grahame White's "White Eagle." On this occasion an officially-timed circular flight of 6 kiloms., at a record speed of 96 k.p.h., with a passenger up, was made.
Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.
Viewing the still smouldering remains of the Bleriot monoplane (No. 22 in the Rheims contests) after the fire on Sunday last, which resulted from the ignition of the burst petrol-tank.