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Aviatik Hanriot monoplane

Страна: Германия

Год: 1911

Aviatik - biplane - 1910 - Германия<– –>Aviatik - hydro-biplane - 1912 - Германия

Jane's All The World Aircraft 1913

AVIATIK. Autemobil & Aviatik A.G., Mulhausen i.E. Established 1910. Capacity: 100 a year.

   1912. 1912. 1913. 1912-13.
   Monoplane. Biplane. Racing Hydro-
   biplane. biplane.

Leng......feet(m.) 26? (8) 36 (11) 29? (9) 36 (11)
Spa.......feet(m.) 39 (11.80) 52? (16) 52? (16) 62-1/3 (19)
A.....sq. feet(m?) 258 (24) 517 (48) 517 (48) 597 (56)
...total, lbs.(kgs) 1146 (520) 1323 (600) 1234 (560) 1653 (750)
..useful, lbs.(kgs) 661 (30) 882 (400) 882 (400) 661 (300)
[** Text has (k.m.)- should surely be (kgs.)??]
Motor.........h.p. 100 Argus 100 Argus 100 Argus 100 Argus
...max. m.p.h.(km.) 68? (110) 56 (90) 62 (100) 52 (80)
...min. m.p.h.(km.) ... ... ... ...
Endurance.....hrs. 5 6-8 7-8 4-5
Number built
   during 1912 6 20 4 3

Remarks.--The monoplanes are constructed under Hanriot license.

Журнал Flight

Flight, January 6, 1912.



   CONSIDERING that only three weeks elapsed between the commencement of the construction of this handsome monoplane and its appearance in all the glory of its resplendent nickel fittings on the opening day of the Salon, it must be observed that the ability to accomplish such a performance speaks well for the excellence of personnel and organisation at the Aviatik works.
   Although built under Hanriot licence, there is little to acquaint a casual observer of the fact except that the general disposition of its respective parts is very similar, and that the design of the tail is nearly identical.
   The main body is constructed like the hull of a racing skiff, and at its forward extremity is disposed the motor - an Aviatik of 100-h.p. Petrol is fed by pressure from a tank under the passenger seat to an auxiliary tank slung from the cabane, and from this point the feed is by gravity. The landing gear is closely allied to the Henry Farman design, but has the peculiarity that all four wheels are mounted on one common axle. The struts supporting the skids are hollow, with the exception of the front pair. It is a noticeable feature that both German machines at the Salon, the Albatross and the one at present under review, are equipped with hand-brakes in order that they may be brought to rest as soon after landing as possible. In cross-section the wings closely resemble those of the Nieuport. Mounted directly in front of the pilot is the control wheel, which is arranged vertically at the upper end of a pivoted vertical column. The elevation is governed by a to-and-fro movement, warping by rotating the wheel laterally.

Principal dimensions, &c. :-
Length 31 ft.
Span 41 ,,
Area 275 sq.ft.
Weight 990 lbs.
Speed 70 m.p.h.
Motor 100-h.p. Aviatik.
Price L1,000.

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