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DFW Taube

Страна: Германия

Год: 1914

DFW - Beardmore-DFW racing floatplane - 1914 - Германия<– –>DFW - flying boat - 1914 - Германия

Журнал Flight

Flight, August 28, 1914.


9. The D.F.W. Taube
  is modelled on the lines of the Etrich Taube, at any rate as far as the shape and bracing of the wings is concerned. In addition to the usual cable bracing running to steel tube pylons above and beneath the fuselage the wings are further strengthened by a girder structure underneath. As these machines are now mostly used for school work, where strength to stand rough usage is of greater importance than low head resistance, this method of construction has much to recommend it, but for actual service they are somewhat slow and cumbersome.
  Inside the rectangular section fuselage are arranged the two seats, in tandem, the pilot occupying the front one. The tail planes are of the usual Taube type, and consist of a horizontal plane, the front part of which is fixed whilst the rear portion acts as an elevator by being flexed up and down. Small rudders and triangular fins are fitted above and below the tail plane. A single central skid carried on four steel tube struts, of which the rear pair form the lower wing bracing pylon, is bent upwards in front to meet the fuselage under the front engine bearer. The wheels are carried on stub axles pivoted on the centre skid, and springing is effected by coil springs on telescopic steel tubes running to the upper longerons of the fuselage. The radiators are mounted on each side of the body. With a 100 h.p. Mercedes engine the D.F.W. Taube develops a speed of about 68 m.p.h.

Журнал - Flight за 1914 г.
9. The D.F.W. Taube.