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Dayton-Wright OW-1 Aerial Coupe

Страна: США

Год: 1919

Dayton-Wright - Kettering Bug / Liberty Eagle - 1918 - США<– –>Dayton-Wright - T-4 Messenger - 1919 - США

J.Wegg General Dynamics Aircraft and Their Predecessors Since 1912 (Putnam)

In 1919, Orville Wright designed the O.W.-1 Aerial Coupe, a three-passenger cabin design based on the DH-4 with a 180hp Wright-built Hispano-Suiza E or Packard 8. The advertising brochure described it as 'luxuriously furnished, combining comfort and beauty with safety.' The entrance for the pilot, who also sat in comfort, and the passengers was through a full-size door in the cabin side which bisected the upper longeron. Thus, usual longeron stress was carried up and over the door frame. A five-hour endurance was claimed at 87mph (350-400 miles). Shown at air exhibition in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco in 1920, the sole aircraft established a new American altitude record on 22 May when B L Whelan carried three passengers to 19,710ft over McCook Field. The three-passenger record was popular in 1920, the OW broke one set at 17,150ft five day earlier, but itself was beaten four days later by an Army aircraft topping 20,000ft. Another publicity gimmick was the delivery of ice-cream from Cleveland to Washington for the banquet of the Retail Ice Cream Dealers' Association on 30 May. The O.W.-1 was sold to J G Montijo, California.

   Span 46ft; length 2 ft 6in; height 9ft 9 1/2 in; wing area 534sq ft.
   Weight empty 1,450 lb; gross weight 2,492 lb.
   Maximum speed 95mph; range 500 miles (70US gal fuel capacity).

J.Wegg - General Dynamics Aircraft and Their Predecessors since 1912 /Putnam/
O.W.-1 Aerial Coupe used the wings and basic frame of the DH-4, but had a four-seat cabin.