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Dayton-Wright T-4 Messenger

Страна: США

Год: 1919

Dayton-Wright - OW-1 Aerial Coupe - 1919 - США<– –>Dayton-Wright - XB-1A - 1919 - США

J.Wegg General Dynamics Aircraft and Their Predecessors Since 1912 (Putnam)

T-4 Messenger

   Based upon experience with the man-controlled Bug testbed, the single-seat Messenger was similarly-powered by a 37hp DePalma four-cylinder air-cooled engine. The fuselage consisted of longerons with veneer sides and wooden strips instead of wires. The sole aircraft built was shown at the Aeronautical Exhibition, Madison Square Garden, New York City, during 1-15 March, 1919, but development was abandoned later in the year. Contemporary reports refer to it as an intended army liaison type adapted for civil use.

   Span 19ft 3in; length 17ft 6in; height 6ft 1 in; wing area 106 sq ft.
   Weight empty 385 lb; gross weight 636 lb.
   Maximum speed 85mph, climb 3,000ft/10min; endurance 2.5 hr (12US gal fuel capacity).

J.Wegg - General Dynamics Aircraft and Their Predecessors since 1912 /Putnam/
T-4 Messenger (37hp DePalma).