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Heinrich Pursuit

Страна: США

Год: 1917


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W.Green, G.Swanborough The Complete Book of Fighters


   During the 19 months in which the USA participated in World War I, several attempts were made to develop competent single-seat fighters of original design. Among these was the Heinrich Pursuit designed by Albert S Heinrich and built by the Victor Aircraft Corp. The Heinrich Pursuit was an aerodynamically clean, single-bay, unequal-span biplane powered by a 100 hp Gnome nine-cylinder rotary engine. Two examples were ordered by the US Army Signal Corps and built in 1917, the first of these being delivered in November of that year. Some testing was undertaken at McCook Field, Dayton, Ohio, but official US policy at this time was to forego fighters of national design in favour of tested foreign types. Nevertheless, the Heinrich Pursuit was considered to have potential as a fighter trainer, and two additional aircraft were ordered. These employed the more reliable Le Rhone rotary of 80 hp, had a strengthened cabane and paired rather than single struts and a lighter structure, gross weight being reduced by 170 lb (77 kg). These aircraft were built in 1918, but no further development was undertaken. The following data relate to the Gnome-engined version.

Max speed, 115 mph (185 km/h).
Loaded weight, 1,235 lb (560 kg).
Span, 26 ft 0 in (7,92 m).
Wing area, 162.5 sq ft (15,09 m 2).

G.Swanborough, P.Bowers United States Military Aircraft Since 1909 (Putnam)


   Two single-seat “scouts” built in 1917 by the Victor Aircraft Corporation of Freeport, L.I., (539, 540), powered with the 100 h.p. Gnome rotary engine, were also known as Heinrich Pursuits, after the designer, Albert S. Heinrich. They were inadequate by European military standards and were considered only as advanced trainers. Two improved versions (40007, 40008) were built in 1918, powered with the more reliable 80 h.p. Le Rhone rotary and using lighter structure.
   Span, 26 ft. 0 in.; wing area, 162-5 sq. ft.; gross weight, 1,235 lb. (Gnome), 1,065 lb. (Le Rhone); high speed, 115 m.p.h. (Gnome), 110 m.p.h. (Le Rhone).

G.Swanborough, P.Bowers - United States Military Aircraft since 1909 /Putnam/
Aerodynamically attractive, the Heinrich Pursuit was tested at McCook Field in 1918.
W.Green, G.Swanborough - The Complete Book of Fighters