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Fokker FG-1 - FG-4

Страна: Германия

Год: 1919


Fokker - F.I / F.II - 1919 - Германия<– –>Fokker - S.I / TW-4 / V43 - 1919 - Германия

A.Weyl Fokker: The Creative Years (Putnam)

Earlier interesting designs by Platz included two gliders. These were designed at Fokker’s request; he wanted a glider of low structure weight and large wing area, preferably a braced biplane with open seats. Platz designed two gliders, one a single-seater with a span of 9 m. (29-6 ft.), the other a two-seater with a span of 12 m. (39-4 ft.). Both were braced as single-bay biplanes and had the tail unit supported on booms. The two-seater had a nacelle enclosing the tandem seats; the single-seater was open.
   Fokker took these gliders to the 1922 Rhoen gliding contest. On the two-seater, with F. M. Seekatz as his passenger, he set up a world gliding record by staying airborne for 13 minutes on August 26, 1922. In the same year he took the gliders to Itford Hill in England, where the first British gliding competition was held. Fokker’s flying skill evoked great admiration.

A.Weyl - Fokker: The Creative Years /Putnam/
Fokker’s two-seat glider.