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Hanriot monoplane

Страна: Франция

Год: 1909

Guyot et Verdier - biplane - 1908 - Франция<– –>Hanriot - monoplane - 1910 - Франция

L.Opdyke French Aeroplanes Before the Great War (Schiffer)

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Журнал Flight

Flight, November 20, 1909



   Monoplane, principally interesting on account of the design of the chassis, which is well illustrated in the accompanying photograph. The construction has the appearance of being both light and strong; it certainly gives evidence of more desire to avoid complication than do many systems of bracing. It will be noticed from the illustration that four wood columns rise obliquely from the two runners which form the base of the structure. One pair of these struts converge to a point well above the centre of the body, and from this apex, wires radiate for the support of the wings. The other pair of struts stop short at the engine bearers, which lie longitudinally in the main frame of the machine.
   Transversely between the two runners two steel tubes are arranged and on one of these are mounted the two independently suspended wheels which normally lift the front ends of the runners some 8 ins off the ground. The suspension, which is not properly shown in the photograph, consists of elastic springs connecting the wheel brackets to the frame.
   As usual in monoplane construction, the engine is right in front, and drives a tractor screw. There is a tail at the rear, comprising an elevator and a rudder, in addition 10 fixed vertical and horizontal planes. Provision is made for warping the wings, but in its present condition this system of control is not fitted to the machine.

Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.
Hanriot Monoplane at Paris Flight Show.
L.Opdyke - French Aeroplanes Before the Great War /Schiffer/
The first Hanriot, already showing the beginnings of the familiar trade-mark undercarriage.
Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.