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FBA FBA 1 Ca2 Avion-Canon / Type D

Страна: Франция

Год: 1916


FBA - Type A/B/C - 1913 - Франция<– –>FBA - Type H/S - 1916 - Франция

W.Green, G.Swanborough The Complete Book of Fighters


   Although the Franco-British Aviation Company (FBA) specialised in the design and development of flying boats, the company’s designer, Louis Schreck, evolved a side-by-side, two-seat cannon-armed land-based fighter which was tested in 1916. Usually referred to as the FBA Avion canon, although also known as the FBA 1 Ca2, the aircraft mated an aerodynamically clean wooden monocoque fuselage with the wings of an FBA Type H flying boat and carried a short-barrel 37-mm Hotchkiss cannon in the extreme fuselage nose. The 150 hp water-cooled eight-cylinder Hispano-Suiza 8A engine was mounted as a pusher and this power plant was apparently replaced by a 175 hp HS 8Aa engine during the course of 1917 when the aircraft was still under development. However, performance was unsatisfactory and further development of the aircraft was not pursued. The following data relate to the Avion canon with the lower-powered engine.

Max speed, 83 mph (133 km/h) at sea level, 76 mph (123 km/h) at 6,560 ft (2 000 m).
Time to 3,280 ft (1 000 m), 8.55 min.
Endurance, 3.0 hrs.
Empty weight, 1,678 lb (761 kg).
Loaded weight, 2,571 lb (1166 kg).
Span, 47 ft 6 3/4 in (14,50 m).
Length, 33 ft 2 3/4 in (10,13 m).
Height, 10 ft 11 3/4 in (3,35 m).
Wing area, 441.33 sq ft (41,00 m2).

W.Green, G.Swanborough - The Complete Book of Fighters
Something of an oddity, the cannon-armed FBA land-based fighter was derived from a flying boat.