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Kolousek biplane

Страна: Польша

Год: 1910

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J.Zynk Polish Aircraft 1893-1939 (Putnam)

Kolousek's Biplane

  Another Krakow designer, Stanislaw Kolousek, (whose name was later frequently mis-spelled as Koluski), evolved a detailed study for a tractor biplane and early in 1910 built an elaborate quarter-scale flying model of the proposed aircraft. The model, true in every detail, was powered by a single-cylinder petrol engine of unspecified make and output. The powerplant system, which incorporated a battery, and the fuel installation were also fully representative of the full-size project.
  During several flight attempts in the early spring of 1910, the model, carrying an appropriate load, achieved encouraging results. After a ground run of 20-30 m (65-98 ft), the aircraft climbed to a height of 3-4 m (10-13 ft) and flew over a distance of 50-60 m (164-197 ft), until it ran out of fuel, and then landed correctly. The model was displayed in Krakow in May 1910, and later appeared at the First Aviation Exhibition in Lwow, which opened on 1 September that year. The full-size machine was never built.
  Kolousek's proposed aircraft was a single-seat unequal-span two-bay biplane of wooden construction. The machine featured an open-frame rectangular-section fuselage, a biplane-type tail unit, and conventional landing gear consisting of a cross-axle with two mainwheels, two side Vs and a tailwheel. No other details are available.

J.Zynk - Polish Aircraft 1893-1939 /Putnam/
Kolousek's biplane as exhibited in Krakow in May 1910.