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Gold monoplane

Страна: Польша

Год: 1910

Glowinski - monoplane - 1911 - Польша<– –>Joachimczyk - aircraft - 1911 - Польша

J.Zynk Polish Aircraft 1893-1939 (Putnam)

Gold's Monoplane

  The third full-size aircraft to appear at the First Aviation Exhibition in Lwow, which opened on 1 September, 1910, was the monoplane designed by Willibald Gold. The machine, of very light and simple construction, was built by the Witold Tranda Mechanical Workshop in Lwow in the summer of 1910. However, a close study of the only available photograph reveals certain design errors and nothing is known about any flight attempts or the subsequent fate of the aircraft.

Construction: Gold's aircraft was a light single-seat wire-braced high-wing monoplane. The machine embodied a single-surfaced fabric-covered wing with an area of 13.5 sq m (145.3 sq ft) and an open fuselage frame with a general configuration reminiscent of Weber's biplane. The wing appeared to be provided with pivoting wingtips for lateral stability control. The design seemed to be of the lifting-tail variety and featured a forward elevator which was carried on outriggers in front of the wing. Power was to be supplied by a 15 hp engine, of unspecified type and make, driving a pusher airscrew. The overall span was 6.75 m (22 ft 2 in) and length 8 m (26 ft 3 1/4 in). Net weight of the airframe less engine was 50 kg (110 lb). No other details are available.

J.Zynk - Polish Aircraft 1893-1939 /Putnam/
The engine-less Gold ultra-light monoplane in front of the Witold Tranda Mechanical Workshop in Lwow in 1910.