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Koechlin monoplane

Страна: Франция

Год: 1909

Koechlin - No.1 - 1908 - Франция<– –>Labourdette-Halbronn - H.T.1 / H.T.2 - 1918 - Франция

L.Opdyke French Aeroplanes Before the Great War (Schiffer)

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Журнал Flight

Flight, November 27, 1909



   Monoplane, in which the two principal points of interest arc the watertight wood body and the method of warping the wings.
   The body is constructed like a light racing skiff, but is flat-bottomed throughout. It is also decked in except for a small cockpit accommodating the pilot's seat. In order that the lines of the body shall be disturbed as little as possible, the engine has been mounted outside on a bracket which projects in front of the "bows."
   The wings are supported on tubular steel spars, as shown in an accompanying sketch, and near the extremities of the smaller tubes, which are adjacent to the trailing edge of the wings, two short wooden cross-pieces are hinged. These little levers are anchored to the chassis frame by wires passing from their lower extremities, and also to the back of the pilot's seat by wires attached to their upper ends. The back of the pilot's seat is pivoted so that it sways with his body, and consequently if he leans over to the left he is able to pull upon the upper wire passing to the top side of the lever on the right hand wing. At first sight it might be supposed that this would have no effect other than to put the tubular steel spar in compression, for the wire lies nearly horizontal above the wing. The spar itself, however, is initially slightly curved, and under additional stress bends still further into an arch concave to the earth. The wooden lever is merely a device for applying a force to the axis of the rod, and the lever is hinged so that the fulcrum afforded by its anchorage shall be maintained when the spar bends. The system is illustrated by an accompanying diagram, and another sketch relating to this machine shows the method of flexing the tail for use as an elevator. A rudder is provided at the rear.

Flight, December 31, 1910



   A FRENCH-BUILT monoplane, constructed at Billancourt. Framework of poplar wood with ash spars. It is on a machine of this make that Madame Niel, the first lady to obtain a pilot's certificate on a monoplane, has made many good flights.
   General Dimensions. - Span, 10 metres; carrying surface, 26 square metres; overall length, 9.5 metres.
   Seating capacity. - Two, one behind the other.
   Chassis. - Two wheels arranged with a single skid in the centre; the wheels are so arranged that they adapt themselves to any unevenness in the ground over which they are travelling, while the skid is designed to protect the propeller when landing.
   Engine. - 70-h.p. 4-cyl. Labor, but a 50-h.p. Gnome or 50-h.p. Chenu motor can be fitted at slightly increased price.
   Propeller. - Two-bladed Koechlin, made of wood, 2.5 metres diameter, 1.8 metres pitch.
   Tail. - This consists of a fiat plane, the rear end of which is flexible, to form an elevating flap. A vertical rudder is fitted above this tail plane, while in front is a triangular fin. A fin is also fitted below the tail.
   Lateral stability. - Maintained by movable tips at the ends of the main plane.
   Weight. - 320 kilogs.
   Speed. - Not stated.
   System of control. - By a single wheel of the motor car type mounted in front of the pilot. A backward or forward motion flexes the elevator, while the rotation of the wheel to the left or right operates the vertical rudders. For controlling lateral stability the wing tips are operated by the movement of the back of the pilot's seat, and it is claimed that this is done instinctively. The feet play no part in the steering.
   Price. - Without motor, 13,000 francs; with Labor motor, 21,000 francs; and with 50-h.p. Gnome motor, 26,000 francs. The price of the single-seated machine is 11,000 francs without motor.

L.Opdyke - French Aeroplanes Before the Great War /Schiffer/
The basic Koechlin monoplane. This one had small trailing ailerons.
Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.
Koechlin Monoplane at Paris Flight Show.
Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.
Koechlin in full flight at Port Aviation on his monoplane, which is fitted with a 4-cyl, 25-h.p. Gregoirc engine.
L.Opdyke - French Aeroplanes Before the Great War /Schiffer/
A Koechlin of 1910, this one with tip ailerons.
Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.
Журнал - Flight за 1910 г.
Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.
Sketch showing the details of the tail of the Koechlin flyer, illustrating a method of flexing the elevator.
Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.
Sketch showing the attachment of the engine to the watertight hull of the Koechlin flyer.
Журнал - Flight за 1909 г.
Sketch showing how the wings are warped on the Koechlin flyer.