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Dufaux biplane

Страна: Швейцария

Год: 1909

Dufaux - triplane - 1908 - Швейцария<– –>Dufaux - Dufaux-5 - 1911 - Швейцария

Журнал Flight

Flight, December 25, 1909

The Dufaux Biplane.

   MM. DUFAUX FRERES, the manufacturers of the Motosacoche motor cycles, have recently built a biplane with which they are obtaining very good results so far. The main planes are similar to those of the Bleriot machine except that there are two superposed, and lateral stability is obtained by small ailerons placed between these two planes at their extremities. The machine is fitted with a three-cylinder Anzani motor of 25-h.p. and weighs 180 kilogs. On its first trial the machine rose to a height of two metres and traversed a distance of 50 metres.

Flight, January 1, 1910

A Swiss Aerodrome.

   THE Count de Viry has decided to construct an aerodrome in his grounds at Viry, near Geneva, with a view to encouraging flight in Switzerland. At present there are four aeroplanes there, and two more are expected almost at once. One of these is the Dufaux biplane which, as we announced last week, has made one or two short flights, and promises well.

Flight, January 8, 1910

Flying in Switzerland.

   OWING to the accident which befell M. Dufaux's machine a day or two ago, it has been decided to postpone the public demonstrations at the Viry aerodrome to the 9th, 10th, and n t h inst. It is hoped that several other Swiss sportsmen who have recently acquired aeroplanes will be ready to take part then. With a view to encouraging local talent, the journal A.B.C has offered a prize of 1,000 francs for the first Swiss aviator to fly 100 metres, and 2,000 francs for the first flight of 2 kilometres. All the local authorities are displaying great keenness to promote the success of the meeting.

Flight, July 23, 1910

Good Flight by Dufaux.

   HAVING once more got his machine in going order, Armaud Dufaux, on the 12th inst., succeeded in making a flight of 36 kiloms. in 31 mins. 30 secs, at the Viry flying grounds. He is now practising with a view to making an early attempt to cross the Lake of Geneva.

Flight, August 20, 1910

Swiss Aviators in Competition.

   AT the flying meeting which opened at Geneva on Sunday two Dufaux machines were seen in competition for the first time and the longest flight of the day was made on one of them. This was of 1h. 1m. 27 2/5s. duration. The speed prize was won by Audemars on his Demoiselle. Amerigo, on a Bleriot, took the height prize, although he only reached 30 metres, and Dufaux secured the starting prize, getting, off the ground in 60 metres. Noflying was possible on Monday because of the wind.

Журнал - Flight за 1910 г.
Some interesting views of the Swiss-built Dufaux biplane which has been constructed by the Dufaux Brothers of Geneva. In No. 3 M. Henry Dufaux is in the pilot's seat, in No. 4 M. Armand Dufaux is in charge, and in Fig. 6 the machine is in flight. No. 1 is a Voisin machine, with M. Nigg at the wheel. The photographs, which are from the Suisse Sportive, were taken at the Viry Aerodrome, near Geneva.
Jane's All The World Aircraft 1913 /Jane's/
1909 Dufaux tractor biplane - many flight during 1909 and in 1910. Armand Dufaux flew almost 50 miles in 1 hr 18 mins over water the length of Lake Geneva (almost double the distance over water than Bleriot during his channel crossing)
Country of origin: Switzerland Designed and built by Armand & Henri Dufaux