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Straith Biplane

Страна: Канада

Год: 1912

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K.Molson, H.Taylor Canadian Aircraft since 1909 (Putnam)

Straith Biplane

   After dismantling his Wright B late in 1911, W. P. A. Straith began design and construction of a new aircraft which was probably first flown by him in the summer of 1912 at Norwood, on the outskirts of Winnipeg.
   The new machine was a pusher biplane of unequal span incorporating wide-chord ailerons on the upper wing only. Booms supported an all-moving tailplane and twin rudders. A three-point undercarriage was fitted with a skid at the rear, a pair of mainwheels was mounted on each side of the two front skids, and a fifth wheel was fitted in front to prevent noseovers. It was a two-seater, and a board seat was fitted on the leading edge of the lower wing on each side of the engine mounting struts. Shoulder-yoke aileron control was fitted. The engine bearers extended well forward of the pilot and supported a radiator there and a large cylindrical fuel tank immediately behind it. The engine was a six-cylinder two- cycle Emerson of 100 hp, a large and heavy powerplant for the time, weighing 348lb (158 kg).
   Straith reported that the aircraft flew well, and it remained in use until 1915 when the propeller broke in the air and led to the crash at Morse Place in which Straith was injured.

   Span 42ft (12-8m); length 22ft (6-7m); height 9ft (2-74m).
   Dimensions may be rounded figures.

K.Molson, H.Taylor - Canadian Aircraft since 1909 /Putnam/
The Straith Biplane at Norwood, Manitoba
K.Molson, H.Taylor - Canadian Aircraft since 1909 /Putnam/
W.P.A. Straith at the controls of his biplane. Note the control column in front of the right seat without the rudder control wheel being fitted.