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Gallaudet glider

Страна: США

Год: 1897


Federal - biplane - 1916 - США<– –>Gallaudet - A-1 Bullet - 1912 - США

H.King Aeromarine Origins (Putnam)

As early as 1897, it appears, Gallaudet (whose company later constructed seaplanes for the U.S. Navy) was experimenting with twin-float gliders, and three other schemes seem to have been the proposals, or actual productions, of Lawrence Hargrave. We must note (I cite an article in the January 1964 issue of the Australian journal Aircraft) that Hargrave was formerly working with the Australian Steam Navigation Company, 'where, in the drawing office and workshops, he learnt much that was to be useful to him in his future career'.

H.King - Aeromarine Origins /Putnam/
A twin-float glider constructed by the American Gallaudet in 1897. Gllllaudet's company was eventually to build seaplanes for the U.S. NavY.