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Tamai No.2 Nippon-go Seaplane

Страна: Япония

Год: 1916

Single-engine single-float biplane

Tamai - NFS Tamai No.1 - 1916 - Япония<– –>Tamai - NFS Tamai No.2 / No.3 / No.5 - 1917 - Япония

R.Mikesh, A.Shorzoe Japanese Aircraft, 1910-1941 (Putnam)

Tamai 2 Nippon-go Seaplane

   By the time of his discharge, Seitaro Tamai had already exhausted his funds for aeronautical research. With the help of Yoshihisa Kinoshita, an engine enthusiast, he arranged with Naoji Tomono, manager of Tomono Iron Works in Azabu, Tokyo, to assist with the building of a seaplane because this company also built light-weight engines. One of these was used for the new aeroplane that was completed in 1916, and known as the Tamai 2 Seaplane, named Nippon-go (Japanese-type).
   This was an unequal-span two-bay biplane with a single main float, and auxiliary floats beneath the tail and each wingtip. The fuselage was left uncovered. It somewhat resembled early British Short seaplanes as well as the Umino Seaplane built the previous year.
   Confident of success, Tamai took the aircraft to Yokkaichi City, where he intended to make the first flight to honour the residents of his home town. The event was to take place at the exhibition grounds of Umaokoshi Beach, where an admission charge was collected from the spectators. But at the start the engine failed to attain enough power to get the seaplane airborne and it only taxied. It was said that the seaplane would have flown if the engine had been running satisfactorily, but there is no record of later flights.

   Single-engine single-float biplane. Wooden structure covered with fabric except for the fuselage which was uncovered. Pilot in open cockpit.
   90hp Tomono six-cylinder watercooled inline engine, driving a two-bladed wooden propeller.
   Span 13.20m (43ft 3 1/2in); length 10m (32ft 9 1/2in).
   Empty weight 350kg (771lb).
   One built in 1916.

R.Mikesh, A.Shorzoe - Japanese Aircraft, 1910-1941 /Putnam/
Tamai 2 Nippon-go Seaplane.