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Tamai NFS Tamai No.1

Страна: Япония

Год: 1916

Single-engine biplane trainer

Tamai - No.1 Seaplane - 1912 - Япония<– –>Tamai - No.2 Nippon-go Seaplane - 1916 - Япония

R.Mikesh, A.Shorzoe Japanese Aircraft, 1910-1941 (Putnam)

NFS Tamai No.1 Aeroplane

   This was really the Tamai 3 Aeroplane in sequential order, but renumbering began because of this aeroplane's success. Financial support was again received from Naoji Tomono and his Iron Works, and the design was made by Aijiro Hara. With help from his brother Toichiro Tamai, the aeroplane was completed on 5 October, 1916, and flew for the first time on 4 November.
   The Tamai No.1 was a small unequal-span two-bay biplane with two-wheel undercarriage and twin skids. Following this success, Tamai announced his intention of establishing the Tamai Flight Training Centre, but a reporter for a monthly magazine Hikokai (Flight World) Tamotsu Aiba, announced similar plans. With the continuing help of Naoji Tomono as a partner, the three together established the Nippon Flying School in August 1916 at Anamori, Shimo Haneda-cho, in Tokyo, thus the initials NFS used in the type name. At first the aircraft could only carry the pilot, but modifications were made to carry pupil and instructor. Flights had to be limited to 10 minutes due to overheating of the engine.
   The flying school opened on 4 January, 1917, and was located at the present site of Haneda International Airport, using buildings of the Nippon Hikoki Seisakusho (Nippon Aeroplane Manufacturing Works), situated where the airport parking lot now exists. This NFS Tamai No.1 Aeroplane was the first aeroplane to fly at what has become one of the busiest international
airports in the world.

   Single-engine biplane trainer. AIl-wooden construction covered with fabric, except for the forward part of fuselage which was ply-covered. Pupil and instructor in open cockpit.
   35hp Cameron four-cylinder aircooled inline engine, driving a two-bladed wooden propeller.
   Span 10.20m (33ft 5 1/2in); length 7.20m (23ft 7 1/2in); height 2.82m (9ft 3in); wing area 32sq m (344sq ft).
   Empty weight 290kg (639Ib); loaded weight 448kg (987Ib).
   One built in 1916.

R.Mikesh, A.Shorzoe - Japanese Aircraft, 1910-1941 /Putnam/
NFS Tamai No.1 Aeroplane.