R.Mikesh, A.Shorzoe
Japanese Aircraft, 1910-1941

R.Mikesh, A.Shorzoe - Japanese Aircraft, 1910-1941 /Putnam/

Mitsubishi Army Type Ko 1 Trainer, a Japanese manufactured Nieuport 81-E2
Nakajima Army Type Ko 2 Trainer, a Japanese-produced Nieuport 83 E.2.
Nakajima Army Type Ko 3 Fighter/Trainer of the Nieuport 24.C1 design.
Nakajima Army Type Ko 3 Fighter converted for civil use with fuel tank under the upper wing for the November 1922 Tokyo-Osaka mail flight competition.
Ishibashi SPAD XIII Racing Aeroplane
Japanese Navy Avro 504L Land-based Trainer.
Kawasaki Army Type Otsu 1 Reconnaissance Aircraft, adapted from the French Salmson 2-A.2.
An Army Type Otsu 1 with Japanese markings.
Army Henri Farman Type Model 4 Aeroplane.
Army Maurice Farman Type Model 6 Aeroplane.
Sole survivor of the Army Maurice Farman Type Model 6 Aeroplane is No. 266 which is now in the Yasukuni Shrine.
Yokosho Navy Short Reconnaisance Seaplane.
The first flight of an aeroplane in Japan took place on 19 December, 1910, piloted by Capt Yoshitoshi Tokugawa. The aeroplane was an imported Henri Farman biplane.
Nakajima Army Type Ko 4 Fighter, a licence-produced Nieuport 29-C-1.
A rare inflight view of a Nakajima Army Type Ko 4 Fighter.
Navy Type Hansa Reconnaissance Seaplane.
Yokosho Navy Type Ka Seaplane.
Oguri-Curtiss Jenny Trainer with a Japanese flag on an outer wing strut.
The Standard H-3 Trainer was a Japanese-built copy of a United States Army trainer.
Kishi No.1 Tsurugi-go Aeroplane.
Army Type Mo (Maurice Farman Type) 1913 Aeroplane.
Converted Type Mo (Maurice Farman Type) Aeroplane.
Isobe Rumpler Taube Aeroplane
Yokosho Navy Type Mo Small Seaplane.
Yokosho Navy Type Mo Large Seaplane.
Kaishiki No.2 Aeroplane
Aviation in Japan. - Capt. Tokugaw's training machine at the Tokorozawa Aerodrome.
Navy Yokosho Ro-go Ko-gata Reconnaissance Seaplane with Hispano-Suiza E engine.
Navy Yokosho Ro-go Ko-gata Reconnaissance Seaplane with Salmson engine used on early models.
Nakajima Type 1 Biplane
Seishiki-1 Aeroplane.
Aviation in Japan. - Side view of a Japanese military tractor biplane.
Nakajima Type 3 Biplane.
This view of the Nakajima Type 3 Biplane shows the wide span and deep gap.
This scale model of an aircraft shows the modern concept as envisioned in 1891 by Kazuhachi Ninomiya. This rubber-powered model flew 10m, but Japanese officials were not impressed with this proof of concept of flight.
The first gliding flights in Japan was made by this bamboo-frame glider in December 1909 at Ueno Park, Tokyo, a year in advance of the first powered flight in Japan.
Awazu No.2 Seicho-go Aeroplane. Seicho on the tail means Bluebird.
Hino No.3 Aeroplane equipped with floats and called Hino No.3 kai or No.4 Kamikaze-go.
Ichimori Monocoque Aeroplane.
Iga Maitsuru-go Aeroplane.
Although of very poor quality, this rare photograph gives some idea of the layout of the Isobe No.2 Aeroplane.
Izaki No.2 Sempu-go Aeroplane.
Maruoka Man-powered Screw Wing Machine.
Narahara No.3 Aeroplane after the entire fuselage was covered.
Narahara No.4 Ohtori-go Aeroplane.
This view of the Narahara No.4 Ohtori-go shows the drooped ailerons.
Ozaki Soga-go Aeroplane
Shigeno Wakadori-go at Issy-les-Moulineaux, France, 29 January, 1912, when equipped with Gregoire-Gyp 50hp engine.
Shigeno Wakadori-go Aeroplane.
Sakamoto No.6 Aeroplane with Japanese flags flying from the outer struts.
Takasou TN-6 Aeroplane
Yasui TN-6 Kai Aeroplane
Tamai No.1 Seaplane, reconfigured with wheels.
NFS Tamai No.1 Aeroplane.
Torigai Hayabusa-go Aeroplane
Tsuzuku No.1 Aeroplane with chain-driven twin-pusher propellers.
Ueda Hiryu-go Aeroplane.
Kishi No.2 Tsurugi-go Aeroplane.
Kishi No.4 Tsurugi-go Aeroplane.
Kishi No.5 Tsurugi-go Aeroplane.
Itoh Emi 2 Aeroplane
Fukunaga Tenryu 3 Trainer.
Itoh Emi 1 Aeroplane
Itoh Tsurubane No.1 Aeroplane.
Itoh Emi 6 Aeroplane, also known as the Fujiwara Tsubame-go.
This view of the Eьi 9 shows the side radiator.
Itoh Tsurubane No.2 Aerobatic Aeroplane.
Itoh Emi 12 Trainer
This view of the Nakajima Type 5 Trainer shows the tail more clearly.
Shirato Asahi-go Aeroplane.
Shirato Iwao-go Aeroplane
Shirato Takeru-go Aeroplane, also known as the Tamura Tractor and Ichimori Tractor.
Shirato Kaoru-go (Shirato 16) Aeroplane after modification.
Yokosho Experimental Japanese-Navy-Type Seaplane.
Experimental Yokosho Nakajima Tractor Seaplane.
Experimental Yokosho Nakajima Tractor Seaplane.