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Voisin 4 (LB)

Страна: Франция

Год: 1915

Two-Seat Bomber

Voisin - 3/5 (L/LA/LAS) - 1914 - Франция<– –>Voisin - M - 1915 - Франция

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Voisin 5 (LB)
   Two-Seat Bomber
   150-hp Salmson P9
Span 14.74 m
Length 10.28 m
Height 3.80 m
Wing area 45 sq. m
  Empty 1,000 kg (970 kg)
  Loaded 1,450 kg (1,370 kg)
Bomb load 180 kg
  Max speed 109 km/h at 2,000 m
  climb to
   2,000 m 22 minutes
  Endurance 4 hours

А.Шепс - Самолеты Первой мировой войны. Страны Антанты
Самолет поддержки пехоты/легкий бомбардировщик "Вуазен LBP" с 37-мм пушкой "Кольт"
H.Cowin - Aviation Pioneers /Osprey/
The 150hp Salmson-built Canton-Unne powered Voisin LB, or Type 4, two seater, that made its operational debut in early 1916 was one of the first dedicated ground attack machines. Armed with either a 37mm cannon, as seen here, or an even larger 47mm weapon, the Type 4 proved equally effective against railway trains or shipping and was operated by both the French military and naval air arms, plus the Italians.
K.Delve - World War One in the Air /Crowood/
Henri-Farman F.16 (???) of the French Air Service powered by an 80hp Gnome engine and used primarily for reconnaissance.
Журнал - Flight за 1917 г.
A captured French machine on view at the German Aeronautical Exhibition of War Booty.